Covid19: Silver not yet able to decide the fate of the NBA season

NBA boss Adam Silver at a press conference before the All Star Game 2020 on February 15, 2020 in Chicago.


boss Adam Silver reiterated on Friday that he was unable to make any decisions about the fate of his season, suspended due to the coronavirus, while studying options for carrying it out.

“Based on various reports we have received, including from public health officials (…), we are unable to make a decision. And we do not know when we will be,” said Silver. during a conference call with journalists.

A week ago, the commissioner of the NBA had warned that he would not pronounce before May, given the uncertainties linked to the development of the Covid-19 pandemic which left more than 36,000 dead and 700,000 cases of infection.

“It is all a question of data and not of date”, he insisted, to possibly decide to resume matches, suspended on March 11 immediately after the French Rudy Gobert (Utah) was the first player of the league to have tested positive.

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Adam Silver said the NBA is monitoring several factors as a priority: the possible decrease in the number of new infections, the availability of large-scale tests, the path to a potential vaccine and the emergence of antiviral drugs. While relying in priority on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the various state directives.

However, the leader recalled that health workers on the front line should be “taken care of long before athletes”.

“So there is still too much uncertainty to say exactly how we would move forward,” said Silver.

According to him, the owners of the NBA franchises remain determined to find a way to resume the matches, “because in a way, our revenues have fallen to zero”.

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As such, he assured that all options (in camera matches, play-offs in a single city) were studied, even if this would delay the start of the next season.

“I know it’s frustrating not being able to answer any further,” he agreed. “Now a lot is changing quickly and we may be in a very different position in a few weeks,” he said. said.




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Covid19: Silver not yet able to decide the fate of the NBA season
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