Women’s Ligue 2: Angers wins against Chartres

The back Touty Gandega delivered an excellent game which ended in a personal performance of 19pts.

The match between two top teams and at the same record (6 wins, 4 losses) at the start between and Chartres turned to the advantage of Ufab, which knew how to control its match to the end.

After a first quarter in balance (21-20), the Ufab found a first opening: 26-21, then 31-21 (15 ‘) thanks to the accuracy of Sarah Ousfar. David Gautier’s training therefore seemed to take the lead. But, as the other would say, we must conclude!

Except that the visitors closed the house by locking their racket. They stuck an 8-0 to their evening hosts. 42-41 at halftime. Cut, we do it again …

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The Clarke-Elenga duel rumbled in the two rackets. The ex-Chartraine d’Angers responded to the former League player at La Roche-sur-Yon. But it was thanks to , who also wore the opposing jersey, which offered a +8 (59-51) on a 3-point shot. The Ufab approached act IV of the match with a precious nest egg: +9 (61-52). Greene in the undermining work, Clarke and Ousfar at the conclusion: the Angevines offered the biggest gap (69-56) 5 minutes from the siren.

Enough not to let their opponents breathe, forced to do everything quickly. And not necessarily good. The fate of the match was sealed.

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The Angevines complete their first leg with a record of 7 wins – 4 losses. They will begin the return act next week, with, on behalf of the 12th day, the reception of Reims, victorious in the first leg 63-56.

ANGERS – CHARTRES: 75-66 (21-20, 21-21, 19-11, 14-14).

Angers: Ngo Ndjock 1, Parisi 3, Corre 7, Arrondo 10, Dreano-Trecant 0, Ousfar 13, Clarke 15, Gandega 19, Greene 7. Coach: David Gautier.

Chartres: Belleka 13, Traoré 10, Peyregne 0, Hillotte 5, Prugnières 12, Ewodo 0, Burgess 0, Elenga 17, Marie 9. Coach: Benoît Marty.


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Women’s Ligue 2: Angers wins against Chartres
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