WNBA season 2021, place for the Playoffs which start on September 24

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Back in May, the 2021 WNBA season began with a thrilling opening night that featured two game-winning 3-pointers. On Sunday, the regular season came to a close, and now it’s time to turn our attention to the playoffs, which should hopefully be just as exciting as the past five months of basketball.

As a quick refresher of the revamped playoff format that began in 2016, the top eight teams make the playoffs regardless of conference affiliation. The top-two seeds get a bye all the way to the semifinals, while the Nos. 3 and 4 seeds get a bye to the second round. Teams seeded 5-8 begin play in the first round. The first and second rounds are single elimination, while the semifinals and Finals are both best-of-five series. After each round, the teams are re-seeded.

This season, the Connecticut Sun finished with the best record in the league at 26-6. In addition to a bye to the semis, they have also earned home-court advantage throughout the playoffs. The Las Vegas Aces, by virtue of finishing second, have also punched their ticket to the semis.

With the playoff bracket now set, here’s a look at the first-round matchups and the full schedule for the 2021 WNBA Playoffs:




Thu, Sep. 23: Dallas (7) at Chicago (6) – 8:00PM, ESPN2
Thu, Sep. 23: New York (8) at Phoenix1 (5) – 10:00PM, ESPN2


Sun, Sep. 26: TBD at Minnesota (3) – TBD, TBD
Sun, Sep. 26: TBD at Seattle (4) – TBD, TBD


Tue, Sep. 28: TBD at Connecticut (1) – G1 – 8:00PM, ESPN2
Tue, Sep. 28: TBD at Las Vegas (2) – G1 10:00PM, ESPN2
Thu, Sep. 30: TBD at Connecticut (1) – G2 – 8:00PM, ESPN2
Thu, Sep. 30: TBD at Las Vegas (2) – G2 – 10:00PM, ESPN2
Sun, Oct. 3: Connecticut (1) at TBD – G3 – TBD, TBD
Sun, Oct. 3: Las Vegas (2) at TBD – G3 TBD, TBD
Wed, Oct. 6: Connecticut (1) at TBD – G4* – TBD, ESPN
Wed, Oct. 6: Las Vegas (2) at TBD – G4* TBD, ESPN
Fri, Oct. 8: TBD at Connecticut (1) – G5* – TBD, ESPN2
Fri, Oct. 8: TBD at Las Vegas (2) – G5* – TBD, ESPN2


Sun, Oct. 10: TBD – G1 – 3:00PM, ABC
Wed, Oct. 13: TBD – G2 – 9:00PM, ESPN
Fri, Oct. 15: TBD – G3 – 9:00PM, ESPN2
Sun, Oct. 17: TBD – G4* – 3:00PM, ESPN
Tue, Oct. 19: TBD – G5* – 9:00PM, ESPN2

Source : CBS/WNBA

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