Ligue 1 (M)

Usfas dominated Sigui de Kayes

The last games of the 10th day of the national championship men were played Sunday, April 21, 2019, defending champion won 91 – 49 against de Kayes.

After their defeat against the As Police during the 9th day, the military could not afford the luxury of a second setback in a row. The team is launched in the race for the playoffs was ruthless for the Kayes team.

Already in the first two quarter time, the Kayesians witnessed an undivided dominance of Usfas players well above (24 – 8) in Q1 then (44 – 20) in Q2. At half-time the gap is already +24 points.

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After the break, the military maintain the pressure in the camp of Kayesiens. The Usfassian offensives led by Modibo Sanogo hurt the Sigui (67-34).

In the last quarter time the USFAS unfolds to win with +42 points difference (91 – 49), registering its 7th win of the season.

When Sigui Kayes, the team sinks more and more in the bottom of the rankings and realizes a fairly average season compared to last season.

Amadou Kouyaté

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