UF Angers wins painfully against Charnay de Kankou Coulibaly (19 points, 5 rebounds)

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The start of the Angevines is sluggish and it is necessary to wait more than two minutes to see Bailey open the counter of the premises (3-2, 3rd). But behind, the acceleration is lightning and the UFAB inflicts Charnay an 8-0 in three minutes (13-5, 6th). Effective in defense and dominating on the rebound (14-5 after ten minutes), Angers finished the first quarter with a ten-point lead (19-9, 10th).

Without being very inspired, David Gautier’s players took advantage of the opponent’s weakness to push their advantage to +17 (28-11, 14th). Charnay replies under the impetus of the former Angevine Kankou Coulibaly, who opens a big site in the racket (10 points in this second quarter). In the wake of the Malian, Charnay in turn offered an 0-8 in three minutes and returned to 6 lengths (30-24, 18th). UFAB reacted at the end of the quarter, and restored their 10-point lead before returning to the locker room (37-27, 20th).

Charnay recovers to -2 in the third quarter

The recovery of the UFAB is catastrophic: lost balls, avoidable faults, forgotten rebounds, calamitous shots… Charnay picks up with shots of award-winning baskets, including two from Coulibaly, and comes back almost level (39-37, 25th). Angers grits his teeth, and closes the ranks a little in defense (48-40, 28th), but attacking the home stretch, Elenga’s partners are not sure of anything (50-44, 30th).

UFAB benefited from a boost of fate to return to the +10 bar, on a very happy 3-pointer from Slonjsak, who entered after bouncing off the top of the board (57-46, 34th). Not really serene, the Angevines did not manage to outrun their opponents for a long time, carried by the rediscovered address of Wadoux (63-57, 3rd). But an interception from Richardson, which also causes an unsportsmanlike foul on the action, finally seals the fate of the match 1’18 ” from the end (68-60, 39th). Charnay will not return.

Source: Ouest-France

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