Transfer: LF2, UF Angers completes its roster with Kankou Coulibaly

The completed its team by betting on the Malian interior , spotted in Saint-Amand (Women’s League). The Angevin club’s workforce is now full. It remains to be seen when the next season of Women’s League 2 will resume.

For a while, they had thought to wait. But UFAB coach David Gautier and its president Brito de Sousa finally accelerated to complete their recruitment. We could have waited until August and seen the opportunities for a second market. But we finally found the profile that corresponded to our expectations fairly quickly, explains the Angevin manager.

Kankou Coulibaly ticks several boxes: this Malian international (1.87 m, 30 years old) is based on an irreproachable state of mind, and she has proven herself at the level above, by accumulating the past season, with Sain-Amand, an average of 8.1 points and 5.6 rebounds, for an evaluation of 8.6. She has proven her qualities and she should be very complementary to Nikki Greene, specifies De Sousa. Coulibaly will indeed team up under the Angevin circle with the American, which the UFAB had extended a few days ago.

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The UFAB is therefore preparing to attack a new season in – whose catch date is still unknown – with only one new head in its workforce. Coulibaly completes a pro group made up of Greene, Arrondo, Corre, Gandega, Ousfar and Dréano-Trecant. In addition to this very stable base, David Gautier will bet on three young people from Angevin training: Rose Leguiset, Jade Gaillard and Laura Lailler.



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Transfer: LF2, UF Angers completes its roster with Kankou Coulibaly
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