Touty Gandega leaves UF Angers (LFB) to join Nantes-Rezé (LF2

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Touty Gandega played her last match with UF Angers, this Saturday, October 30 in Lyon (90-57). At 30, the Malian full-back was clearly not accommodating his rotation status and prefers to return to “flourish” in LF2, with CSP Nantes-RezĂ©.

Touty Gandega and UF Angers, it’s over. And it is official since the publication of a press release by the Malian player on her Instagram account, very late this Saturday, October 30.

Four years in the colors of Ufab 49 and a climb, but it is time for me to go elsewhere and for me that is the most important. Ligue 1 status is good, but without fulfillment it’s not worth it, writes the Malian full-back on the evening of her fifth and last Women’s League game this season with UFAB. A statistically complicated final exit (0 point, -1 evaluation in 9’43) in line with its start of the season (1.2 point, 1.2 rebound, 0.8 pass and -0.4 evaluation in 15 minutes on average).

At the start of the season, the dominant and bubbly Gandega of last season in LF2 (13.5 points, 4 assists, 12 evaluations) were therefore only a shadow of themselves. Failing to find her place in the new Angevin collective, she therefore decided to return to the lower level.


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