Toulouse Basket Club hopes to arrive safely in La Rochelle

Beaten Tuesday in Challans, the Toulouse residents are on the move again this evening. They will play without pressure against a team from La Rochelle which has started its season well. A success on their part would even appear to be an achievement.

This historic French basketball club, if we consider that the basketball section of the Stade Rochelais is the modern version of Rupella created in 1932, fully intends to be a major player in the division and to aim for more or less long-term accession to B. With a new coach, François Sence, who brought Avignon-Le Pontet to NM1, La Rochelle has lost only two games since the start of this troubled season: facing both first in the pool, at Rueil and against Tours. Suffice to say that the recruitment was judicious with among others the arrival of Cheikh Gassama, who followed his trainer to Avignon, and the Montpellier native Olivier Yao-Delon, who arrived from Saint-Quentin (Pro B).

In addition to a well-oiled team (no player with more than 13 points average), around the experienced Desmond Quincy-Jones and the American Ron Anderson, La Rochelle owes its good start to the season to its defense, the best of the group to date (65 points of average collected only).

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TBC must react

To compete with the Maritimes and hope to win, which would be an achievement given the results so far in the season, Toulouse will need to have all its strength. And therefore recover . The Malian was not absent in Challans on Tuesday. He was simply transparent, no successful shot on 8 attempts and only one free throw to his credit. Suddenly the good performances of Mike Joseph, who remains a sure bet in attack, and of the back pair Victor Mopsus-Fayçal Sahraoui were not useful.

Fayçal Sahraoui who would like to recall the good memories of a team of which he was the captain and where he played five seasons. May the motivation of the TMB leader rub off on his teammates.


Pierre Lacoue / ladepeche.fr

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