Sika Kone, 17, MVP of the 12th day of the Spanish LF2

Spar Gran Canaria took over the leadership of group B of Liga Femenina 2, and rested on a 17 year old junior who grows up week by week with the yellow warriors. Malian obtains her first title of the season.

Born in in 2002, she arrived in the Canaries at the age of 14, a tall man and eager to learn. Two years in Canterbury, another in Adareva CB, to finish signing for the CB Canaries, the historic women’s basketball team of the islands. In between, Sika Kone’s potential exhibitions in the Spanish club championships, as MVP Cadet 2018 and Junior 2019.

With a height of 1.90m, she has enough mobility and strength to play both “four” and “five”. During her first season in the senior category, she achieved gross figures: 15.2 points and 15.0 rebounds, for a total of 24.1 valuation points per match. Sika Koné has increased his offensive contribution in recent weeks, being the key to the good dynamics of Spar Gran Canaria, who took the lead on this day 12.

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Sunday, in the match that ended day 12, Kone posted his best performance to date in . The Malian went to 22 points (with a series of 10 out of 13 on the field) and 25 rebounds, to which she added 2 blocks and 5 fouls received. All for a total of 43 evaluation points in 26 minutes of play.

The exceptional players of the day were:

Group A:
Review: Heather Forster – CB Arxil (27)
Points scored: Andrea Boquete – P. Hijolusa (22)
Points Scored: Heather Forster – CB Arxil (22)
Points scored: Jone Azkue – ADBA (22)
Rebound: Marta Miscenko – GDKO Ibaiazabal (15)
Aid: Carla Fernández – CB Arxil (10)
Balls recovered: Lucía Rodríguez – Sinergia R. Canoe (5)
Cards: Mercy Wanyama – ADBA (3)
Corks: Lina Pikciute – Ynsadiet Leganés (3)

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Group B:
Assessment: Sika Kone – Spar G. Canaria (43)
Points scored: Sika Kone – Spar G. Canaria (22)
Bounces: Sika Kone – Spar G. Canaria (25)
Assist: Gema García – Unicaja (5)
Assist: Verónica Matoso – Unicaja (5)
Recovered balloons: Diana Cabrera – Osés C. Ardoi (5)
Corks: Sika Kone – Spar G. Canaria (2)
Cards: Maimouna Diarra – Snatt’s Sant Adrià (2)
Corks: Alejandra Sánchez – UCAM Primafrío (2)
Cards: Alicia González – ISE CB Almería (2)
Cards: Jovana Mandic – ISE CB Almería (2)
Cards: Linda Rubene – Unicaja (2)

Seasonal Statistics – Sika Kone
Matches played: 12
Minutes: 30.6 p.p.
Points: 15.2 p.p.
Rebound: 15.0 p.p.
Aid: 0.8 p.p.
Recoveries: 1.3 p.p.
Sheets: 0.8 p.p.
Fouls received: 5.7 p.p.
Assessment: 24.1 p.p.

Sports course – Sika Kone
2016-18 Canterbury (cadet)
2018-19 CB Adareva (Junior)
Spar Gran Canaria 2019-20 (LF2)


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