Samba Balayera, un « revanchard » au Caen BC

Samba Balayera est le dernier arrivé du Caen Basket Calvados / Crédit photo : dr

Without a club since the end of last season, hopes to bounce back at Caen Calvados, where the Parisian back has committed until the end of the season.

After Gide Noël and Franck Yangué, a third new head is about to make its debut at Caen Basket Calvados. This Friday, January 17, 2020, Samba Balayera will leave aside several months of hassle by taking a seat on the Caennais bench in Vitré. The 24-year-old arrived three days earlier in Normandy to face the injuries of Gaëtan Clerc and Brice Piérard at his playing position. Fabrice Courcier, CBC coach:

“We were looking for a player capable of bringing things into scoring and the athletic dimension.”

Known for his three-point shooting, Samba Balayera was looking for a new employer. He hadn’t found a club since leaving GET Vosges (9.2 points per game) late last season. “The leaders said they wanted to keep me but I didn’t hear from them afterwards,” he said. No one else knocked on the door until January pointed his nose.

“There are times when you think you will stop …”

Samba Balayera had a hard time experiencing this waiting period. “It’s very complicated when you don’t have a club,” he said. The 24-year-old tried to stay in shape at the Hoops Factory in Paris, with a group of professional players in his situation, but the heart was not always there.

Honestly, at times like that, it’s hard to maintain confidence. There are periods when you are in the complete hard, you even think of quitting. There are other days when, because you are upset, you double the work dose.

After more than a semester without competition, Samba Balayera will be lacking in pace at the glass. But given the absences, expectations for him are already real. “First, I have to bring energy,” he said. After two freelancers in previous years at Souffel (8 games) and Épinal (22 games), the native of Saint-Denis knows the recipe for not getting caught up in the carpet. “You shouldn’t try to do too much, nor be too discreet either. ”

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“Make me respected”

In a workforce cut for Pro B but only fifth of N1, Samba Balayera wants to stay in place. “When you see how the team was set up, with very big players, most of whom played in Pro B, you know you weren’t called to take all the shots. “But the desire to shine, finally, after having finished second scorer of the hopes championship in 2016-2017 with Paris-Levallois, is great.

I’m hungry, I’m revengeful. Since leaving the training center, I feel like I haven’t had too many opportunities. I’m a bit tough but I remain confident and I work.

The signing of Samba Balayera in Caen until the end of the season is “a win-win situation,” said his coach. “We offer him the opportunity to show us things,” said Fabrice Courcier. The young man abounds. “At a high level, I have not yet proven that I have my place. I have to fight to make myself this place, to be respected, and not to live any more this kind of situation. I want to make up for lost time and impose myself at the highest level. ”

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Samba Balayera, un « revanchard » au Caen BC
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