NF2 France: Carmaux shakes the leader Martigues

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 The Carmausines came close to a feat against Martigues on Saturday at Candou (70-74), group leader, who remained on eight straight wins.

The Martégales started with their feet on the floor to lead 5-16 after four minutes (90% success from a distance with a 7/8). We then feared the worst for the Gazelles, but a timeout from coach Cormont put the Tarnaises back on the right track. Hippolyte and Salah Aly passed a 7-0, when Martigues missed seven shots in a row but kept the hand after ten minutes (15-21).

Bacconier from a distance, Hippolyte in the circle and Carmaux came back to two points (24-26, 13), before equalizing and then taking the lead through Visgaudaite (28-26, 15). Macé, very skilful at long distance, put his team in front. The two formations went blow for blow but the Gazelles lost two balls in the last seconds (33-37 at the break).

As soon as the recovery, Lainé and Nassira Traoré gave their team a little air (34-42, 24). Lainé passed his fourth winning shot (41-50, 26). Hippolyte halted the surge of the Martégales, and the Gazelles came back to four points ten minutes from the siren (50-54). The leader, who wanted to remain, accelerated the movement from the start of the last quarter (52-63, 32), but the Carmausines did not let go and returned to the race with the trio Visgaudaite, Marson, Salah Aly (62-64 , 37; then 67-68 at 1’40” from the end). But Lainé put an end to the suspense with his fifth missile. Carmaux shook the leader, an encouraging performance for the future.

Source : La Dépêche. fr

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