NBA: two to four weeks to decide to resume competition

Le patron de la NBA, Adam Silver, le 15 février 2020 à Chicago.

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North American Basketball League () boss Adam Silver gives himself two to four weeks to assess the situation of the coronavirus pandemic before deciding to return to competition, American media reported on Wednesday .

According to The Athletic and ESPN, the NBA wants more time to study the evolution of the number of serious cases in the country and see how other sports organizations manage the tests of Covid-19.

Silver and the owners of the clubs exchanged on the calendar, during a conference call, the first sign, according to these media, of a return to competition after the stop imposed by the coronavirus on March 11.

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The exact format that will be used during the resumption of the season has not yet been decided. According to media reports, it is possible that the 30 franchises will play to end the regular season or that the play-offs will be extended to other teams beyond the usual 16 places.

The NBA has been studying for weeks the possibility of closing the 2019-20 fiscal year, behind closed doors, by grouping all the teams in the same confined area, which could be Las Vegas and / or Disney World in Orlando.

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“Safety will obviously be paramount! The NBA will wait a month to make a decision after getting more tests and data on the severity of the virus. There will be no safer place than the one the NBA has chosen for Los Angeles Lakers winger Jared Dudley responded.



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NBA: two to four weeks to decide to resume competition
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