NBA: Lakers recover with victory over Knicks

Le joueur de basketball américain LeBron James, le 22 janvier 2020, à New York.


made a start on Wednesday and Anthony Davis found his rhythm against the Knicks in New York, allowing the Los Angeles to recover after their humiliating defeat against the Boston Celtics.

The Lakers won 100-92 at Madison Square Garden in New York. LeBron James scored 19 points in the first two quarters, out of a total of 21. And Davis had 17 points (out of 28) in the other half of the match, the second since his recovery from an injury that deprived him of five matches.

The comeback in great shape for the Western Conference leaders in the came at a peak after their worst defeat of the season on Monday when they were beaten 139 to 107 by the Celtics.

“We tried not to lose twice in a row, we made up for it tonight with a big win against a team that wanted it,” said Anthony Davis. “We just want to be sure that we are playing Lakers basketball, that we are playing defensive, that we are still pressuring offensively.”

“When we do these things, we are a hard team to beat,” he added.

The Lakers also took advantage of the thirteen points brought by Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and the ten of Kyle Kuzma.

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However, at halftime, the two teams were tied at 48 points.

“The game was pretty slow so defense was crucial to our success tonight,” noted LeBron James. “I tried to start the game by being aggressive and I was able to get started. AD was able to continue over the long term and it was great basketball.”



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NBA: Lakers recover with victory over Knicks
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