NBA: Kobe Bryant will be presented by Michael Jordan at the Hall of Fame

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Kobe Bryant, who tragically passed away on January 26, 2020, will be introduced by Michael upon entering the Hall of Fame. The ceremony, delayed due to the pandemic, will take place in May.

One legend will present another. Kobe Bryant will enter the Hall of Fame next May, almost a year and a half after his tragic death in a helicopter crash at age 41. It will be presented by Michael Jordan. The greatest player in history, to whom Kobe Bryant has so often been compared, will pay him another tribute in a very special ceremony.

A player's entry into the Hall of Fame can only happen several years after retirement. Kobe Bryant, retired from the prosecution since 2016, was to be part of the 2020 vintage, but the event was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The ceremony will therefore take place from May 14 to 16.

Duncan and Garnett also inducted

Shortly after his retirement, when asked by the Complex media about his future entry into the Hall of Fame, Kobe Bryant suggested that he could then be presented by Michael Jordan or Phil Jackson. “They have been my great mentors, not just in my athletic career, but also personally,” said the Black Mamba.

Beyond Kobe Bryant, this May ceremony promises to be particularly historic. Spurs legend Tim Duncan and will also make their Hall of Fame debut, presented by David Robinson and Isiah Thomas respectively.



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