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Maimouna Haidara signs a double-double, Magec Tías makes it harder by losing to Avilés

Maimouna Haidara

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The Lanzarote players were able to force an extension on the last play of the match, but the shot was repelled by the ring (63-61).

The visit to the ADBA was important for the Magec Tías Magec Tías “Contra la Violencia de Género”, in fact, the avilesinas were the first victims of Lanzarote players this season, so the islanders already knew they could win this season. match.

The visiting team started out a bit shy in the game, although they were focused on what to do. The first baskets were for the Asturians, but the Leocadio Pérez players did not do much to keep up with the scoreboard. The clash was entertaining and even and it was only in the last bars of the quarter, with a few triplets, that the locals managed to open up some space on the scoreboard to get 24-17.

The 7-point gap widened with the passage of the first minutes of the second quarter, reaching up to 12 points, forcing the Lanzarote bench to request a time-out and look for solutions. It worked and within minutes, with a 0-12 partial, he put the equalizer back, ahead of the displeasure of the Avilesinas, who saw how the work done so far was going overboard. The game got a bit difficult and very flawed from there, with a three-minute lead where only 4 points were scored for the locals, reaching the break with a result of 35-31.

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In the second half, Lanzarote again struggled to score early on, which ADBA took advantage of to put some room on the scoreboard. It didn’t last long. A triple and a few baskets from Maimouna Haidara returned the equalizer in the match, but history repeats itself, after a draw, the disconnection. Once again, those of Avilés put gaps with a partial from 9 to 0 and it was time to swim against the current again, Camille Giardina seemed to lead the team to continue dreaming, finishing the fourth with the score of 48 to 43.

Despite the need, the home team again took the lead, again reducing the differences to 9 points, which with 4 minutes remaining became 12. Then the best version of the word “team” appeared in the area of ​​the Isle. A triple from Regina Gómez, another from María Esperanza Delgado, some baskets from Camille Giardina, good defense and excellent attack, to arrive 34 seconds from the end with the score of 61 to 61, forcing the bench of Avilés to ask for a timeout.

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It was time to defend on the return to the pitch and this was achieved in a first shot by Artemis Barbosa who failed from the outlying area, but the ball was left again by the Asturian team, who would have a second chance that would not fail. , putting the 63rd 61 and forcing Leocadio Pérez to ask for a time out, 7 seconds from the end. There was time for a well-worked game and it was tried, looking first for Camille Giardina, but the American received a personal foul and had to start over, with 4 seconds left. Then she looked for Maimouna Haidara, but her shot failed on the hoop, giving the ADBA with the victory.

Maimouna Haidara once again stood out in the Island squad, achieving her third double-double of the season, with 17 points, 16 rebounds (including 11 defensive), in addition to 25 PIR points. , like Colombian international María Esperanza Delgado, with 5 trebles to her credit.

Next week, the Lanzarote squad will host the second-ranked Osés Construcción Ardoi de Navarra at the Tías municipal pavilion in a 19th round match.

Source: Radio Marca Lanzarote

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