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Women’s Orange Ligue 1, day 1: KSC surprises Djoliba AC, the Stade malien shows its ambitions


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The first day of woman in Mali took place over the weekend. The Stade malien displayed its ambitions with a fine and resounding victory over AS 56 – 85, while KSC surprised AC with a convincing victory of 76 – 51. This is only the beginning of what promises to be an exciting season for basketball fans in Mali with some reshuffling of the cards among several top-tier teams.

Day one saw intense , with teams displaying their best skills and strategies. In the end, four teams emerged victorious with the favorites at the appointment, except Djoliba AC which was surprised by KSC. Who will win the 2023 championship title? We'll have to wait and see!

Djoliba surprised by the KSC!

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Played late Saturday afternoon, the second game of the day shocked the public with the unexpected result of the match between Djoliba AC and Kalaban Sport Club (KSC) on Saturday. Djoliba AC, considered one of the favorites, were beaten by KSC 76-51.

In a thrilling game that stunned most fans, Kalaban Sport Club (KSC) stunned Djoliba AC. The KSC made the show and ended up winning with a 25-point lead over their opponent of the day. It was an exciting night for KSC fans as they celebrated their team's victory over their rivals. Djélika Tounkara (KSC), defector of Djoliba AC finished MVP of the game with 21pts, 4 rbds, 2ast and 17 of evaluation.

The unexpected result left many fans wondering how KSC could have pulled off such an impressive victory against a team generally considered to be one of Mali's strongest.

Whites dominate Scorpios

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The Stade Malien basketball team sent a strong message to the rest of the orange Ligue 1 by dominating AS Real 85-56 in their opening match of the 2023 season. This impressive display of dominance placed the Stade Malien top the league standings and have shown their ambitions for this season.

The blue and white team dominated throughout the game and showed why they are one of the favorites for the title this season. With a talented array of players, Stade Malien is looking to take its ambitions to new heights in 2023 and beyond. Assétou Sissoko of the Stade won the title of MVP of the match with 19pts, 1reb, 4ast and 17 of evaluation.

win after extra time

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Thrilling opposition between AS Police, defending and AS Commune 6 during the second match on Friday. After a fierce battle, AS Police had to count on a 5-minute extension to overcome the promoted team of AS Commune 6 with a score of 79 to 75. At the end of regulation time, the two teams were back to back: 68-68, following an equalizer on a free throw by MBamakan Kanouté, following a foul by Aminata Samassekou.

The match saw the two teams battle it out, but in the end it was AS Police's strong defense that helped them win. Both teams had their chances of winning in regulation time but neither could find the winning basket. In extra time, however, AS Police were able to take control of the game and eventually claim victory with a score of 79-75.

The full table of results for the first day of the Orange National Ligue 1 championship

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