Ligue 1 (F)

League 1 (F) Orange, J10: Stade stays on course

Le Stade ne doit sa victoire qu'à  l'avantage pris dans les deux quart temps du début (69 - 66) I Crédit photo : Imaïla Sy

The first meeting of the 10th day in the women’s game was the malien of Bamako and the Union of Armed and Security Forces (Usfas). At the end of the match, of Bamako won (69 – 66).

This part marked the first game of the season with Stade U19 Assétou Sissoko of the U18 African Championship in Maputo. The player had been stalled because of a dispute with her former club Attar Kidal.

The match was played in two parts. The first in favor of  Stade and the second to the advantage of the USFAS. The Stadium malien remained alive in this match thanks to its slight dominance of the first two quarter times won 14 – 12 and 38 – 25. After the break, the military return to the floor more motivated as the image of their captain Mariam Coulibaly very prolific in this third part. They dominate the quarter-time (18-25), go back to score at -6 stadist (56-50).

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The last part of the match is much more tense. The USFAS feels that it has a shot to play and maintains its dominance. Stade resist but owes its victory only to the advantage taken in the two quarters of the beginning (69 – 66).


Amadou Kouyaté

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