Ligue 1 (M)

League 1 Orange, J8: Usfas overturns Stade at 3rd QT (54-44)

After a two-week break, the men’s league 1 national championship took over these rights with two big-league opposition from Mali. The malien in Bamako in search of a benchmark was measured by the defending champion.

For the first meeting of the 8th day the USFAS soldiers were stronger than the whites of Bamako, beaten (54 – 44). A match played in two parts, because each of the two formations had a half-time in his favor.

In the first two quarters the Stade malien of Bamako was above his opponent. The players of coach Hamidou Traore earn a quarter (13 – 10) and can retain their benefits after the second, while posing difficulties in the defense of the military who suffered (22 – 15).

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Frustrated, the USFAS will react in the most beautiful way to return to the game. The game is balanced and the military thanks to a good address wins the 3rd Qt (15-22) to return to the height of the stadistes : 37 – 37 at the end of the 3rd quarter.

In the last quarter, the two teams are neck and neck, each seeking to win the game. The military can take over and more effective in the shootings, they will inflict a 17 to 7 to the whites of Bamako to win the grain of the game.

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Thus, it is a team of USFAS more daring and very lucid in the racket that went to seek the victory, dominating his opponent with 10 points of difference (54 – 44). The military team keeps its second place in the rankings of League 1 Orange.

by Amadou Kouyaté

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