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Liga Femenina2: Sika Kone, the MVP of the 14th day

Sika Kone (à gauche), célébrant une nouvelle victoire / Courtesy : Spar Gran Canaria

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A star was born in LF2. After impressing in the junior and cadet category, Sika Koné is able to master painting in the second division of Spanish women's basketball. The center of Spar obtains its second title after another triumph of Spar Gran Canaria.

A junior player who dominates the competition in one of the teams that leads the classification. It is Sika Koné, the great revelation of the season who has already impressed during the Spanish Cadet and Junior Championships. During her first season in LF2, she established herself as the starting pivot of Spar Gran Canaria, which shares the head of Group B with Snatt's Sant Adrià and Osés Construcciones Ardoi.

In Saturday's Canary derby, the Malian rose to 21 points, 17 rebounds and 10 fouls received, for a total of 35 valuation points. Koné was on the right track for 40 minutes of play and signed a very efficient points series: 8 out of 11 in two points and 5 out of 9 in free throws. Some figures which made it possible to beat the Magectias Against Gender Violence and obtain the eleventh victory of the season.

Koné averages 15.8 points and 14.7 rebounds per game, for a total of 25.1 evaluation points, which makes her the MVP of what we have done this season and the most rebounding player of the competition. But, in addition, its performance increases over the years. If we take just the last five games, the yellow amarilla averaged 31.6 evaluation points, earning her two weekly MVP titles. And all this at 17 years old.

With this second MVP title, she matches Jessica Fequiere and remains in contact with Jaisa Nunn, who has signed three weekly MVP titles this season. The one who is close behind Sika Koné is the Canarian pivot Pacisa Alcobendas, Daira Varas, who has reached the 33 points of evaluation. Other regulars like Lucia Rodriguez, Judy Jones and Sparkle Taylor are among the best of the day.

Seasonal statistics – Sika Koné
Matches played: 14
Minutes: 31.2 p.p.
Points: 15.8 p.p.
Rebound: 14.7 p.p.
Aid: 0.7 p.p.
Recoveries: 1.3 p.p.
Caps: 0.7 p.p.
Fouls received: 5.9 p.p.
Assessment: 25.1 p.p.

Sports course – Sika Koné
2016-18 Canterbury (cadet)
2018-19 CB (Junior)
2019-20 Spar Gran Canaria (LF2)

Group A:
Note: Daira Varas – Pacisa Alcobendas (33)
Scored points: Lucía Rodríguez – Sinergia R. Canoe (25)
Rebound: Judy Jones – Movistar students (15)
Assist: Laura Fernández – Hijolusa Potatoes (8)
Balls recovered: Breanna Richardson – Celta Zorka (5)
Plugs: Lucía Rodríguez – Sinergia R. Canoe (3)

Group B:
Assessment: – Spar G. Canaria (35)
Points Scored: Sparkle Taylor – Spar Gran Canaria (29)
Bounces: Sika Kone – Spar G. Canaria (17)
Assist: Eliana Soriano – Lima Horta Barcelona (5)
Balls recovered: Macarena d´Urso – ISE CB Almería (5)
Recovered balls: María Fernández – UCAM Primafrío (5)
Cards: Laia Moya – Citylift GEiEG Unigirona (5)


Source: Liga Femenina 2

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Liga Femenina2: Sika Kone, the MVP of the 14th day
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