Liga femenina2, J.15: Sika Koné, 2nd MVP title in a row

Transformed by his own merits into the main future star of , pivot Sika Koné signed this weekend his third of the season – and second consecutive – to keep Spar Gran Canaria at the top of group B.

She introduced herself at the beginning of last summer, recognizing that it was an honor for her to be able to wear the Spar Gran Canaria jersey and it did not take long for Sika Koné to respond to the confidence placed in him. personal club with the first MVP titles of his career in LF2.

Already three awards won by a player who arrived at the club at only 16 years of age and this has been confirmed at the age of 17, confirming that she is one of the main talents of the Canarian team.

Season Statistics – Sika Koné:

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Matches played: 15
Minutes: 31.45 p.p.
Points: 15.9 p.p.
Rebound: 15.1 p.p.
Aid: 0.8 p.p.
Recoveries: 1.4 p.p.
Caps: 0.7 p.p.
Fouls received: 5.9 p.p.
Assessment: 25.9 p.p.

Sports career – Sika Koné:

Training Categories: Carterbury
2016/18: Canterbury (cadet)
2018/19: CD Adareva (Junior)
2019/20: Spar Gran Canaria (Women’s League 2)

The exceptional players of the day:

Group A:
Assessment: Patricia Soler – HGB Ausarta Barakaldo (34)
Points Scored: Jessica Fequiere – AñaresRioja ISB (28)
Bounces: Heather Dorster – CB Arxil (14)
Rebound: Judy Jones – Movistar students (14)
Helpers: Maria Aijanen – Baxi Ferrol (9)
Recovered balloons: Carmen Leal -Aedas Homes CB Pozuelo (5)
Cards: Kiara Kudron – PacisaAlcobendas (5)

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Group B:
Assessment: Sika Kone – Spar Gran Canaria (37)
Scored points: Kai Afi James – SparGran Canaria (24)
Bounces: Sika Kone – Spar GranCanaria (20)
Aid: Itziar Arregui – Osés ConstrucciónArdoi (6)
Recovered balloons: Elena Buenavida- Segle XXI (5)
Balls recovered: Laia Lamana -Snatt´s Femení Sant Adrià (5)
Sheets: Diana Cabrera – OsésConstruction (3)


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Liga femenina2, J.15: Sika Koné, 2nd MVP title in a row
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