Liga Edensa, J.21: Coulibaly and GĂŒlich share the MVP title

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In the absence of the match between CadĂ­ La Seu and SPAR Girona, the 21st day ends with an MVP shared by two players who dominate in the paint. Mariam Coulibaly (IDK Euskotren) and Marie GĂŒlich (Valencia BC) were decisive in the victories of their respective teams.

Above 1.90, the two players who share the MVP of this 21st day dominate the ‘five’ of this LF Endesa. The Malian from IDK Euskotren is already a regular in weekly rankings and MVPs when she is only 24 years old. Valencia BC’s German debuts with the title, increasing her numbers after Raquel Carrera’s injury.


Coulibaly was instrumental in IDK Euskotren’s most disputed victory this season. Faced with a Baxi Ferrol who did not give up despite falling behind in the fourth quarter, Mariam Coulibaly collected 16 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assists, for a total of 26 PIR points; and all this in almost 42 minutes of play.

GĂŒlich practically retraced the Malian’s numbers, with 15 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assists, for a total of 26 PIR points. Without Raquel Carrera or Celeste Trahan Davis, the German had to multiply to defend the indoor game of Campus Promete (Geldof-Diarra) and be a reference in attack.

Anecdotal section:

Mariam Coulibaly was weekly MVP with the shirts of Spar Gran Canaria, Snatt’s Sant AdriĂ  and IDK Euskotren, the three teams with which she competed in LF Endesa. The first two were in October 2016 in the ranks of the Canarian team with 18 points and 19 rebounds when he was still 19 years old. With Sant AdriĂĄ de Snatt she won two more in the 2018/19 season and in her second season in Donostia she already has a new MVP title. Of course, in the race for the most popular player of the season, she is in second place, only behind her compatriot Sika KonĂ©.


For her part, Marie GĂŒlich opens with her first weekly MVP title. In a team with more distribution of offensive responsibilities, the German pivot improves the workforce after the injury of Raquel Carrera.

The ideal quintet of the day:

This day leaves us with a very talented quintet, led by the players of Valencia BC and IDK Euskotren, winners of their respective duels. The taronjas won on a combative Campus Promete with a great Cristina Ouviña (best leader of the day), and the MVP Marie GĂŒlich (15+8).

The San Sebastian women “put forward” Joy Adams (11 + 14) and Mariam Coulibaly (16 + 8) in quintet during the epic match of two extensions against Baxi Ferrol. The quintet is completed by one of the most in-form players, the American from Lointek Gernika Lashann Higgs, who could not prevent the defeat at the Movistar Academy Magariños.

back: Cristina Ouviña (Valencia BC) 20 val: 11 points (5/7 T2), 10 assists, 4 rebounds and 3 recoveries
Leader: Lashann Higgs (Lointek Gernika) 24 val: 20 points (6/8 T2 and 2/4 T3), 7 rebounds, 3 assists and 1 recovery
Winger: Joy Adams (IDK Euskotren) 24th val: 11 points (4/7 T2), 14 rebounds, 4 recoveries, 2 assists and 7 fouls received
Strong winger: Mariam Coulibaly (IDK Euskotren) 26 val: 16 points (4/7 T2 and 8/9 TL), 8 rebounds, 3 assists and 7 fouls received
Pivot: Marie GĂŒlich (Valencia BC): 26 val: 15 points (6/8 T2), 8 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 recoveries and 5 fouls received

Season statistics – Mariam Coulibaly
Games played: 16
Minutes: 32.25
Points: 15.4
Rebounds: 8.8
Aids: 0.9
Recoveries: 0.6
Plugs: 0.4
Fouls Received: 3.9
Rating: 20.2

Sporting career – Mariam Coulibaly
15-17 Canary Islands (LF)
17-19 Sant Adria (LF)
19-20 Landerneau (FRA)
20-22 IDK Euskotren (LF Endesa)

Season statistics – Marie GĂŒlich
Games played: 22
Minutes: 23.55
Points: 10.0
Rebounds: 5.5
Passes: 1.3
Recoveries: 0.7
Plugs: 0.6
Fouls Received: 2.3
Rating: 12.0

Sports career – Marie GĂŒlich
11-14 Opladen (Germany)
14-18 University of Oregon (NCAA)
18-19 Venice (ITA)
19-20 Gdynia (POL)
20-22 Valencia (LF Endesa)

Source: FEB

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