LF2: Kankou Coulibaly in the 5 majors of the season

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The Malian international Coulibaly, who had a great 2020-2021 season, was awarded a place among the five players of the season in the French Women’s 2.

Coulibaly alongside her compatriot Touty Gandéga, was one of the important players who led UF Basketball to rise to the Women’s Basketball League (LFB).

Kankou Coulibaly accompanies four other players in the final quintet including MVP Shanavia Dwodell from AS Aulnoye , Kekelly Elanga from Chartres and two players from Toulouse Métropole Basket, Kalis Loyd and Isabelle Strunc, to complete the 5 best players for the 2020-2021 season of LF2.

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