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LF2, J.18: 4th MVP title of LF2 for Sika Koné who reaffirms his talent

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She had already signed a 43% evaluation in her first MVP title two months ago and, at that time, Sika Koné never tired of collecting awards in an LF2 where she obtained her fourth title of MVP this weekend.

She made her first on day 12, demonstrating the great talent that a player as young as 17 could have, confirmed her dominance on day 14 by starting to take internal responsibility in the team's game and claimed its quality seven days later in day 15 in which its evaluation was again the key for the Spar Gran Canaria.

But not content with that, the Malian player gave this weekend a stroke of authority in the competition with a fourth MVP with which she dominated Day 18 from start to finish. All this to find the path of triumph for Spar Gran Canaria in front of a Picken Claret fighter who resisted the Canaries' offensives (93-84).

A duel in which his 22 points (6/7 TL and 8/10 TC), 20 rebounds, 3 assists and 4 fouls received were more than enough to be able to sit the Canaries in the final phase retracing the 43% of evaluations carried out when conquering its first prize.


Season statistics – Sika Koné:

Matches played: 17
Minutes: 32.14 p.p.
Points: 16.1 p.p.
Rebound: 15.8 p.p.
Aid: 0.9 p.p.
Recoveries: 1.3 p.p.
Sheets: 0.8 p.p.
Fouls received: 5.8 p.p.
Assessment: 27 p.p.

The exceptional players of day 18:

Group A:
Assessment: Leslie Knight – Movistar Students (32)
Points Scored: Celia García – Celta Zorka Recalvi (25)
Bounces: Andrea Boquete – Hijolusa Potatoes (12)
Bounces: Daira Vargas – Pacisa Alcobendas (12)
Bounces: Heather Foster – CB (12)
Bounces: Jaisa Nunn – Añares RiojaISB (12)
Helpers: Patricia Benet – Hijolusa Potatoes (8)
Recovered balls: Begoña de Santiago – Movistar students (4)
Recovered balls: Iciar Germán – Celta Zorka Recalvi (4)
Balls recovered: María Lago – CB Arxil (4)
Balls recovered: Marta Tudanca – Baxi Ferrol (4)
Balls recovered: Sara Cuiña – HGB Ausarta Barakaldo (4)
Corks: Imani Tate – Ynsadiet Leganés (2)
Cards: Jaisa Nunn – Añares Rioja ISB (2)
Cards: Kiara Kudron – Pacisa Alcobendas (2)

Group B:
Assessment: Sika Kone – Spar Gran Canaria (43)
Points Scored: Sparkle Taylor – SparGran Canaria (25)
Bounces: Sika Kone – Spar GranCanaria (20)
Assist: Macarena D´Urso – ISECB Almería (6)
Recovered balloons: Elena Silva – BarçaCBS (5)
Balls recovered: Helena López -Snatt´s Femení Sant Adrià (5)
Corks: Marta Canella – Barça CBS (3)



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LF2, J.18: 4th MVP title of LF2 for Sika Koné who reaffirms his talent
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