LF ENDESA, J.26: Sika Kone and the “March Madness” of the MVP of SPAR Gran Canaria

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There’s no doubt when it comes to pointing directly to LF Endesa’s most dominant player, a Sika Kone who won her sixth individual award of the season and third in a row this weekend. In this way, the interior of SPAR Gran Canaria continues to shape a March of madness and in which his happiness could not be complete when his team fell against Lointek Gernika.

Another triple-double in Sika Kone’s crushing career and another title as MVP in an LF Endesa in which she won the last three titles in a row. Because nothing and no one can stop an intractable player from the first day of competition and who seems to have reached her particular month of madness in this month of March with truly dizzying figures.

This was demonstrated -once again- this Sunday morning on the floor of the Gran Canaria Arena where she reached 38 PIR evaluation in 22 points, 16 rebounds and 10 fouls received. A complete triple double which became a real ordeal for a team from Lointek Gernika who suffered until the end to be able to certify victory (59-61).

Because the good time that this player is going through in the imminent WNBA future will be SPAR Gran Canaria’s main hope of being able to dream of the Playoffs during the last four days of the course. A complicated challenge, but with Sika Koné, not impossible.

One, two, three… and so on up to six. Because one more week. the interior Sika Koné continues to increase its records in the competition with a new prize with which to reinforce the work carried out throughout the course. A player who, in addition to dominating the absolute ranking and leading the individual awards, became this week the first to be able to sign three consecutive titles in as many days. Figures of authentic records and that Koné promises to exploit to the maximum during the last four days of competition.

The ideal quintet of the day:

The members of the ideal quintet of the day were close to complete victories in a weekend where the field factor was decisive for their interests. Starting with an outside game in which the versatility of his pieces allowed Alba Prieto (Durán Maquinaria Ensino) to shine for another week, which was perfectly flanked on the outside line by the talent of Imani Tate (Cadasemont Zaragoza) and the success of Joy Adams (IDK Euskotren).

Already in place internally, the MVP Sika Kone (CB Islas Canarias) could not celebrate her third consecutive title with a victory on a day when fortune once again allied with Mariam Coulibaly (IDK Euskotren) which was decisive for the San Sebastian team.

Leader: Alba Prieto (Durán Maquinaria Ensino) 23 val: 11 points (5/7 TL and 3/7 TC), 8 rebounds, 8 assists, 1 recovery and 5 fouls received.
Rear: Imani Tate (Casademont Zaragoza) 26 val: 23 points (9/12 TC), 6 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 recoveries and 3 faults received.
Winger: Joy Adams (IDK Euskotren) 26 val: 21 points (10/12 TC), 4 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 recoveries and 1 block.
Strong winger: Sika Koné (SPAR Gran Canaria) 38 val: 22 points (10/11 TL and 6/11 TC), 16 rebounds and 10 fouls received.
Pivot: Mariam Coulibaly (IDK Euskotren) 31st: 23 points (9/10 TL and 7/11 TC), 10 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 recovery, 1 block and 5 fouls received.

Statistics of the season – Sika Kone:

Games played: 26
Minutes: 36.16
Points: 17.6
Rebounds: 13.8
Passes: 1.2
Recoveries: 0.5
plugs: 0.3
Fouls received: 5.6
Rating: 27.4

Sports career – Sika Kone:

Cat.Training: Canterbury Academy
2016/18: Canterbury Academy (cadet)
2018/19: CD Adareva (Junior)
2019/20: SPAR Gran Canaria (LF2)
2020/23: SPAR Gran Canaria (LF Endesa)

Source: FEB

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