Portugal: Kankou Coulibaly MVP of ALL-STARS DHIKA FEMALE

The selection of the North took revenge from the South by winning (84-70) in a gala match of All Stars Dhika Female gathering the best players of the Portuguese regular season. Malian international finished of the match.

This is a gala match that highlighted the modality, the show and the excellent atmosphere of communion between all the players in the sport. Despite the good reaction of the South in the last ten minutes, the North triumphed with Kankou Coulibaly (16pts, 11res and 2as) who was named MVP, assisted by Gabriela Raimundo (14pts, 5res, 1as and 1rb), Sara Resurreição ( 10pts, 3ers and 4as) and Susana Carvalheira (10pts, 3ers, 1as and 1rb).

Source : fpb

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