Ibrahim Saounera: “To be 100% to play the play-offs”

ibrahim saounera

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The captain and leader of Cep Lorient, Ibrahim Saounera (35), still believes in the rise and wants the team to be 100% to play spoilsports during the final phase.

How did the team turn things around and win in the last quarter on Tuesday night in Forez?

Exactly, because we played as a team. It’s always difficult to win in this room, where we suffered a good part of the match. But we were able to turn the situation around thanks to the eleven players present, who all entered the field. We are really happy with the result and the way.

How to keep the motivation in this second phase of the championship, when you are already more or less guaranteed to play the play-offs?

The challenge is to get the best possible place in pool B, to play a lower ranked opponent from pool A in the first match of the final phase. We did not fulfill the first part of the contract, which was to finish at the top of pool A to go directly to Pro B. It is up to us to take advantage of this second phase to refine our game and be at 100% during the play- off. We can still play the climb. And as long as there is life, there is hope!

We learned last week that your coach Philippe Maucourant, who is coming to the end of his contract, will not be renewed at the end of the season. Can this disturb the group?

The president (Christian Pasquier) came to tell us. On the sporting level, I don’t know, but the news necessarily impacts us on a human level, since we have been working with this coach for many years (2015). And he may stay if we reach Pro B!

You are also coming to the end of the contract. Do you know what your future will hold?

This is my fifth season at Le Cep and I would like to extend the adventure even further. I feel good in Lorient, in a club that maintains the same ambition. Again, it will probably depend on the outcome of the championship, while I remain focused on the present for the moment.

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