MVP Gnere Alima Dembelé (34pts) dominates Matchday 14 of Liga Femenina 2, Group A

The Malian has been in Spain for three seasons, although she is not yet 20 years old. Gnere Dembele is one of the African players who dominates the tables of the matches of group A. The player of Vega Lagunera Adareva signed a masterful match in the Canarian derby which ended this Thursday on the 14th day.

The of this day was long overdue and arrived in the penultimate match, played this Thursday in Lanzarote. The Magectías Against Gender Violence received the Vega Lagunera Adareva which needed victories. The Tenerife players arrived without Alba Peña and after losing to Barakaldo on the last day of the year.

But the physical power of Gnere Dembele prevailed at the Municipal de Tías in a spectacular last quarter. In the 33 minutes she was on the pitch, she scored 34 points (nearly 50% of those scored by her team), with a 15 of 21 streak in 2s and 4s of 7s on free throws. She dared to throw an award-winning shot that she missed, captured 11 rebounds, including 4 in attack. She distributed 4 assists and placed a block, for a total of 40 valuation points.

Magectías CVG held on until the last quarter, in which they scored 9 points ahead, but the 11-28 race in the final ten minutes was key, with 12 points from Dembele included. A victory which places them in 7th place in the standings, with a balanced record of 7-7.

Gnere Dembele is a very powerful center, measuring 1.86 and who will be 20 years old. A player who has played with her country, Mali, the U17 World Cups in Zaragoza and the U19 World Cups in Italy. He reached the 1st division with La Salle Melilla and made his debut in LF2 precisely against the rival with whom she obtained her first MVP, Magectías CVG. She also had a good season last year at HGB Ausarta Barakaldo.

Dembele is the top scorer in Group A (19.5 points per game) and is fighting for the title of MVP of the season of this group with two other rivals of African origin: the Nigerians Princess Aghayere (Extremadura Miralvalle) and Ijeoma Uchendo (HGB Ausarta Barakaldo), precisely Dembele’s replacement in the Basque team.

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Group A:
Rating: Gnere Dembele – Vega Lagunera Adareva (40)
Points Scored: Gnere Dembele – Vega Lagunera Adareva (34)
Rebounds: Ijeoma Uchenou – HGB Ausarta Barakaldo (19)
Assists: Sandy Basaez – Vega Lagunera Adareva (9)
Balls collected: Patricia Vicente – AD Cortegada (4)
Balls collected: Stacia Robertson – Extremadura Miralvalle (4)
Balls collected: Tamara Montero – Osés C. Ardoi (4)
International selections: Ijeoma Uchenou – HGB Ausarta Barakaldo (4)

Group B:
Evaluation: Elo Edeferioka – Ynsadiet Leganés (25)
Assessment: Sequila Joseph – Ynsadiet Leganés (25)
Points Scored: Conchi Sánchez – Melilla Sport Capital La Salle (25)
Rebounds: Sequilla Joseph – Ynsadiet Leganés (12)
Rebounds: Verdine Warner – Hafesa RACA Granada (12)
Assists: Isa Latorre – Ynsadiet Leganés (7)
Balls recovered: Anne Senosiain – CAB Estepona (4)
Balls collected: Laura Marrero – Fustecma NB (4)
Selections: Cecilia Muhate – Ynsadiet Leganés (2)
Selections: Nadia Fingall – NB Paterna Lázarus (2)
Caps: Ornella Santana – Hafesa RACA Granada (2)

Group C:
Assessment: Tania Pierre-Emile – Sant Adrià de Snatt (26)
Points Scored: Sara Rokkanen – CB Andratx Edbaser (17)
Rebounds: Laia Moya – GeiEG Girona (10)
Rebounds: Minata Keita – C. Joventut Badalona (10)
Assists: Marina Vallés – Sant Adrià de Snatt (6)
Assists: Mireia Poyato – C. Joventut Badalona (6)
Balls collected: Laia Lamana – Sant Adrià de Snatt (9)
Blocks: 14 players tied (1)

Season Statistics – Gnere Dembele
Games played: 14
Minutes: 31.24 p.p.
Points: 19.5 p.p.
Rebounds: 8.9 p.p.
Aid: 1.2 p.p.
Recoveries: 0.8 p.p.
Capsules: 0.1 per person
Fouls received: 4.8 p.p.
Rating: 19.4 p.p.

Sports career – Gnere Dembele
2018/2019 La Salle Melilla (1st)
Magecties Against Gender Violence 2019/2020 (LF2)
2019/2020 HGB Ausarta Barakaldo (LF2)
2020/2021 Vega Lagunera Adareva (LF2)



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