Draw results in for FIBA AfroCan 2019

PRAIA (Cape Verde)- The official draw for inaugural took place on Saturday July 13, in the Cape Verde capital city of Praia.

The results of the draw are as follows:
Group A: 1. , 2. Cote d’Ivoire, 3.Algeria
Group B: 1. Nigeria , 2.DR Congo, 3. Kenya
Group C: 1. Angola, 2. Morocco, 3. Chad
Group D: 1. Tunisia, 2.Egypt, 3. Guinea

The competition is set to tip off on July 19 at the Palais des Sports Salamatou Maiga in Bamako, Mali.
In the first phase, each team will take on the two (2) opponents in its respective group in one-leg game.

The top teams in each group will advance directly to the quarter-finals. The teams ranked second (2nd) and third (3rd) will play the qualification round for the quarter-finals.

After the group phase, the teams ranked second and third will compete in a qualifying round for the quarter-finals in knockout matches as follows:
2nd A x 3rd B; 2nd B x 3rd A; 2nd C x 3rd D and 2nd D x 3rd C.
The winners will qualify for the Quarter-Finals.

The winners of the Quarter-Final advance to semi-finals, while the losers will play the classification games for the 5 – 8 Places.

The classification game for Third-Place and the Final will be played on the last day of competition (July 27).


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