Eurocup: Meiya (19pts) guides Valencia BC to the next round

Valencia dominated WBC Enisey (64-49) from start to finish in the return leg of the Women round of 16. guided valence with 19pts and 4rbds.

Tamara Abalde opened the scoring. The first 12 points were distributed by Meiya and Tamara, with a 10-0 record. Without much success, the Russians of Linskens, very early committed their first two faults. Kirianova tried to react, but Joy Adams joined the game with 5 points and by the end of the first quarter the margin was already (17-8).

Two good deeds by Rosó Buch with growing confidence opened the scoring in the second quarter. The Russians tried, but the defense of Valencia was at the highest level and the visitors could not find a solution. In attack, a 2 + 1 by Anna Gómez and a triple by Irene Garí make the difference. At the break the oranges from Valence led to the score (34-18).

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It took the Russians almost three minutes to clear the score in the third quarter, and Queralt responded quickly. The difference stabilized and the defense of Valencia always left Enisey destitute. As soon as the oranges were in full attack, the margin increased. This is what happened with Meiya. 5 consecutive points with a 3-point shot. Only a triple from Shtanko broke the momentum a little, but at the start of the last part of the match, Valencia Basket seemed to have perfect control (45-27).

The Russians tried to come back again, but Meiya, very fit, knew how to impose her game. The Malian dominated perfectly in the racket and kept Valencia Basket above 20 points ahead.

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Eurocup: Meiya (19pts) guides Valencia BC to the next round
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