” She’s not afraid of anything ” : Caitlin Clark, the rising star of American basketball, breaks all records

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American player Caitlin Clark continues to make a splash at the March Madness, the final American college tournament, before preparing to join the professional circuit. Description of the phenomenon who plays all her matches to sold-out crowds.

The player of all records

Already the NCAA’s top scorer, on February 15 the Iowa Hawkeyes’ point guard broke the American college championship scoring record for both men and women, previously held by Pete Maravich (3,667 points).Against Ohio State (93-83), the 22 year-old knocked off the Louisiana University legend’s record, despite a game with a slight lack of address (35 points at 10/26 on the shot).

Lors de la March Madness 2024, the final tournament of American college basketball, Clark also made a name for herself in the first round with her Iowa State team, where she has played for the past four years: 27 points, 8 rebounds and 10 assists.

A skilled passer from afar

Not everything was perfect. With 8/19 shots, including 3/9 from distance, she lacked precision and also lost five balls in the first eight minutes of the match. This showed signs of frustration on the part of the player, who complained a great deal to the refereeing body, to the point where she was reprimanded by… her own father, who was present in the stands.

A strong character, underneath a calm and imperturbable appearance, just like the French player Marine Johannes, who also earns her a nice comparison with Stephen Curry. An adept of the fast game and an incredible passer like the Golden State Warriors’ star player, the player has surpassed the latter’s record for the most 3 points scored in a college season.

Validated by Stephen Curry

This Monday, March 25, the Iowa player led her team in the Sweet Sixteen with a 64-54 triumph over West Virginia. The best scorer in the history of the NCAA women’s circuit scored 32 points alone in the victory. She thus added her name to the record books with 1 111 points scored in a season, surpassing Kelsey Plum’s mark (1 109). The winning team will face fifth-seeded Colorado in the next round. ” She’s inescapable “, recently declared Stephen Curry, who refers to Clark’s outside shot as a ” superpower. “

Standing at 83 meters tall and weighing 70 kg, Clark discreetly and humbly makes her mark. ” She’s not afraid of anything, adds the best 3 point shooter in the history of the NBA.We know it’s all about her, but she’s doing a great job scoring a lot of points, while playing a creative and distributive role. No shot is bad when you can shoot as well as she “.

It sells

” When you watch Iowa play, she adds an element of surprise that you can’t really predict. As soon as she crosses half the court, she can trigger “, continues the playmaker. The rising American star doesn’t just add her touch on the parquet floors, but also in the stands. She is, in fact, the reason why tickets for the women’s Final Four sold six times more than those for the men’s Final Four.

All Iowa games were sold out this year, home and away. Ticket prices soared to over $400 per game. Celebrities like Travis Scott traveled to Iowa, to watch it play, reports L’Équipe .

” The difference with last year is that now everyone has heard about Clark’s exploits, slips Dave Gallagher, match announcer at the University of Iowa. We weren’t as strong in the past. She’s taken the university to a whole new level “. Seats also sold for up to $2 000 dollars ($1 800 €) on the black market. The match against Ohio on March 3 (the day she broke the points record) was seen by 3.4 million people, unheard of in 25 years in the regular season. ” It’s one of those historic moments when you have a player who gives you the opportunity to enter a new dimension, comments Kerry Kenny, director of operations for the Big Ten, a conference bringing together the best of the American West. The audiences and engagement are up on our platforms and across all our TV partners (CBS, FOX and NBC). The entire Big Ten is benefiting, and women’s basketball in general.

An Olympic player?

The not-yet-graduate would have earned over $3 million in sponsorship in 2023 (€2.70 M), a deal made possible by the recent NIL Act, which allows college athletes to market their image. As part of the deal, Clark and South Carolina goalkeeper Zia Cooke have partnered with H & R Block on a program called Fair Shot, for which the company will commit $1 million in an attempt to bridge the gap between the men’s and women’s game. Likewise with equipment manufacturer Gainbridge.

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” That’s one of our goals, of course, we want to raise awareness of the sport, and I think that’s also what H & R Block is doing with this campaign, really trying to give all women a chance. It’s something I’m passionate about, Clark told Sporting News. I wanted a packed house to support the women basketball players. That’s what my teammates wanted too. Seeing this project come to fruition is also very encouraging “.

Announced as the first pick in next season’s WNBA draft, Caitlin Clark will be competing in the play-offs and thus aiming for one last trophy, after the one missed in 2023, before tipping over into the professional world.

Until then, rumor has it he’ll be representing Team USA at the Paris Olympics. ” I’d love to go to France one day. It’s crazy to see my impact at world level. That’s my dream,” she concludes. She already knows about national selection. Caitlin Clark won three gold medals with the United States at international level as a youngster. She was named MVP of the 19 years and under World Cup. And that’s not all.


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