Classement féminin FIBA : Le Mali 5e africain et 44e mondial

launched its new global women’s ranking system, presented by Nike for women’s competitions starting this month with ’s Women’s Olympic Pre-Qualifying Tournaments in Africa, America and Asia.

’s national women’s team stagnates and is in 5th place in Africa despite its two bronze medals won in the last two Afrobasket. This ranking is undoubtedly due to the 2013-2015 period during which she was unable to overcome the quarterfinals of Afrobasket played in Maputo and Yaoundé. Formerly ranked in the world top 20, has fallen to 44th place.

In Africa, Senegal long ranked number 1 in Africa since 2015 gives way to the D-Tigers of Nigeria (16th place worldwide). The Lionesses occupy 2nd place in Africa and 28th in the world. Angola another African champion ranks third. Mozambique, the only country not to have won a continental title, is in 4th place, the result of its good progress in recent years, having lost a home final in 2013 against Angola.

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New system launched for FIBA World Ranking Women, presented by Nike

Moving from a competition-based system to a game-based one, the new ranking is based on results of games ranging from regional pre-qualifiers all the way to the FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup Final, including the Olympics as well as FIBA Continental Cups. The previous ranking was purely competition-based and only considered the final standings of tournaments.

For the new FIBA World Ranking Women, presented by Nike, world champions and Olympic gold medalists the USA maintained their top-ranked spot with 835.6 points, Australia second place with 714.1 points, Spain third with 692.7 points, Canada fourth with 641.9 points and France a close fifth with 639.3 points. The full FIBA World Ranking Women, presented by Nike, can be found here.

The basic principle of the women’s system is the same as the FIBA World Ranking Men system, introduced before the launch of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 Qualifiers in November 2017. 1,000 basis points are awarded in each game, with the two teams earning a share of these according to the margin of victory or defeat. Weightings are added on a round basis meaning that, when a team progresses through a top official FIBA competition, its wins are worth more with every round the team plays.

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With this system, the ranking has revised the weightings of each FIBA competition, based on the women’s historical results. This system also sees the implementation of a time decay, rewarding teams for their most recent performances. This replaces the system in place under the previous ranking, where all games over the eight-year period received the exact same value.

Finally, the new ranking also recognizes the value of away wins and rewards facing and beating opponents that are higher in the ranking.

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