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FMBB General Assembly in Ségou: New texts adopted

From December 12 to 14, 2019, the Cité des Balazans hosted Malian basketball and during these three days three activities were maintained, it is said assembly, the night of basketball and the super cup.

This 6th general assembly has a particularity, namely: the rereading of the texts, the recommendations of the National Council of April 29, 2018 and the presentation of the activity and financial reports of the sports season.

This meeting is a statutory obligation, but also a place for exchanging information for the proper functioning of the ball in the . During these three days of intense work, all the regional delegates were unanimous in adopting the new text. Which for them will give a new face to Malian basketball on the continental and international scene.

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Here are some extracts from the proofreading of the text



Profile: Having held at least one position in one of the organs of the or in an office of an association or an affiliated center for at least one mandate. Be of Malian nationality and enjoy your civil rights

Candidature: Three months before the end of the mandate, the SG informs and launches the call for the candidacy for the post of president of the FMBB
Candidates for the presidency of the FMBB must submit to the secretariat two months before the national elective council a file of: a handwritten request, an extract of birth certificate, a certificate of nationality, a criminal record and an action program. The list of candidates for the presidency retained by the electoral commission of the federation is notified at least thirty (30) days before the holding of the council.

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Election Commission

It will be set up by the last general assembly before the national elective council. The federal office is now composed of fifteen (15) members, the posts of secretary general, assistant secretary general and the national technical director are no longer elective.

General regulations and statutes of corporations

Several amendments to the general regulations have been reviewed: internal regulations, statutes of creation of centers, commissioner, referee instructors and coaches, referees, OTM, statisticians, coaches …

Remember that these new texts will come into force only from 2022.

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Amadou Kouyaté

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