Alima Dembélé, second consecutive MVP (32pt, 17rebs), leads Adareva to victory

The destabilizing performance of the Malian Alima Dembéle, well supported by Noelia Ibáñez, was the key for Vega Lagunera to easily beat ADBA Avilesino (44-66) yesterday, adding her second consecutive victory in Women’s League 2.

After a first half tie time, but with the island team still leading the table (24-27 at half-time), the contribution of the Malian pivot was decisive for Antonio Cañamero’s team to put earth in the middle. Dembélé climbed to 32 points (7/11 in shots of two, 1/2 in triple and 15/20 in free), 17 rebounds, five assists, one block and 15 fouls received for a 55 PIR.

The young Malian is one of the main dominant players in Women’s League 2. Vega Lagunera Adareva has started 2021 in the best possible way. After the Christmas break, the yellow block resumed competition ready to fulfill their goal of certifying their permanence in Women’s League 2.

Last Thursday, the Tenerife team played in an exciting derby against Magec Tías “Contra la Violencia de Género”, where they accelerated in the last quarter to take the victory (67-75). Alima Dembélé’s performance was decisive: the Malian winger added 34 points, 11 rebounds and 4 assists to finish with a valuation credit of 40 points.

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Without downtime, the team led by Antonio Cañamero faced the sports group yesterday. Basketball Aviles. The lagoon team dominated the match from start to finish, thanks to a remarkable attacking potential (44-66). Note that Alima Dembélé offered a new exhibition to the delight of fans. She was on the court a total of 38:28 minutes to bring in 32 points, 17 rebounds and 5 assists to get a brilliant +55 valuation credit.

In this way, his work has been recognized, reaching his second consecutive of the year. It should be noted that these records have not been appreciated for eight seasons, when Arantxa Novomilita was at the UPV and signed two consecutive games in which she finished with scores of 54 and 57 points.

The day in group A:

Assessment: Gnere Dembélé -Vega Lagunera Adareva (55)

Points Scored: Gnere Dembélé -Vega Lagunera Adareva (32)

Rebounds: Gnere Dembélé -Vega Lagunera Adareva (17)

Assits: Alicia Morales -Extremadura Miralvalle Plasencia (13).

Balls recovered: Three players tied (4).

Stoppers: Morgan Green -Azkoitia AzpeitiaISB (3)

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