A double-double for Mariam Coulibaly (13pts, 13rbs), Cruel defeat of IDK against CadĂ­ La Seu in overtime (60-57)

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A 7-0 run in the second quarter in favor of the locals brought the return to the scoreboard, although the San Sebastian tightened in the third and final quarters to take the game into overtime, where two quarters were needed. and more successful CadĂ­ La Seu.

suffered one of those painful and stinging defeats after achieving three straight wins. He did so in overtime on a track as complicated as that of CadĂ­ La Seu (60-57). Those of Azu Muguruza started very well, they were traced in the second quarter then enter the match and force extra time, where it took two quarters to decline the match in favor of the locals.

In the first quarter, the Donostiarras led 14-19. But in the second, incomprehensibly, they received a 7-0 partial during the first substitution. Exactly in a minute and 15 seconds that put 21-19 on the scoreboard and eventually they went to rest with (33-27).

After the return from the locker room, IDK put the batteries in and made a 9-14 partial to finish the quarter with just one point (42-41).

And the last set was very exciting. Mariam Alou Coulibaly scored a 2 + 1 which gave IDK the advantage (45-46 at 7:27 from the end). In addition, Joy Alexis Brown Adams scored two to increase the score (45-48, at 6:20). However, two free throws from Pivec brought the score to 47-48, a triple from María España increased the advantage of Guipuzcoins (47-51), Pivec reduced it further (49-51), a free kick from Pujol Lluch did it even more (50-51, 2:41) and eventually Irati Etxarri equalized at 51 to force overtime.

In the first quarter of extra time, it looked like the ball didn’t want to enter. It wasn’t until 1:17 remaining that Coulibaly scored 51-53. But again, Pivec, with 54 seconds remaining, made it two to tie at 53 and take the game to another overtime.

This was the last. Pivec, who finished with 15 points, scored 56-53; Yure DĂ­az scored two free games (56-54); Irati Etxarri, who finished with 19 points, scored 58-54; and Coulibaly closed the gap (58-56) but Raventos again brought the home team to four (60-56). A free throw from Cornelius at 1:12 put the final 60-57.

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